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"It just seemed like a really fun way to carry a camera and film yourself because otherwise there's no other way to shoot close-ups in a 'Paranormal' movie. The close-up on a teenaged girl's face being scared is a horror movie icon," Joost said.Usually you're filming forward, so this way you can actually get a reaction shot." The laptop also gave Schulman and Joost the opportunity to reference one of the all-time classic horror movie images. "You've got this 15-year-old girl in close-up, and she can't see what's happening behind her.Otherwise, the device is fairly well constructed, with a weighted base and sturdy plastic casing.Microsoft is conducting an online survey to understand your opinion of the Msdn Web site.

He had some pretty cool visions for EA in the past, while Def Jam Icon was pretty divisive on who liked it, it wasn't just Rap brawler 3 - but a unique take on the genre that had some damn unique ideas.We cover mobile gaming and then add in plenty of random geek sprinkles.Our community is super friendly and we welcome diversity. We are a space for gamers to unite and build friendships."We were really psyched just to do a shot where the girl's carrying a laptop, and it's just filming her.Anything can go on behind, and she wouldn't necessarily know unless the person on the other end of the video chat told her that it was behind her," Schulman said.

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