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But thanks to spokesperson/lead singer Flo (nee Stephanie Courtney), the commercials are undeniably transfixing, with the bubbly, clown-makeuped Flo even entertaining a small cult following.

Like many, at first, I was convinced that this was due to Flo fitting into some very unusual niche of hottness, but while I’m not entirely willing to drop that theory just yet, I can’t help but shake the feeling that if I saw this person in a bar or something I would feel a deep shiver in my soul (Courtney herself concedes that even the GEICO Gekko is a more sexualized advertising icon).

What: Within hours of an appearance by President-elect Donald Trump and his family on “60 Minutes,” a jewelry company associated with his daughter, Ivanka, began to promote a ,800 diamond bracelet she wore during the segment.

Reporters received a “Style Alert” email touting the bauble.

Taillight TV “Hula-Palooza Christmas Luau” TV Show CMT “Road Pranks” (3X) Principals Country Music Television CMT “Karaoke Dokey” TV Pilot Singers Country Music Television Contest Show (Dolly Parton) Family Secrets TV Pilot Families/Contestants Quay Street CMT “20 Sexiest Southern Women Principals/ Extras Cloudland Prod.

CMT “20 Sexiest Southern Men Principals/ Extras Cloudland Prod.

Profile of geisha Kimiha from Miyagawacho, wearing a formal black kimono (tomesode) and a Shimada-styled nihongami wig. All these are details which clearly distinguish her from a maiko (an apprentice).

are traditional Japanese female entertainers who act as hostesses.

Historically, geisha often began the earliest stages of their training at a very young age, sometimes as early as at 3 or 5 years.2007 CMT Music Awards Red Carpet Real People Country Music Television 2006 CMT Music Awards Pre-Party Real People Country Music Television CMT Spring Break 2004 Real People Country Music Television w/ Keith Urban CMT “The Lawn Angels” Principals & Extras Planet Grande Pic.CMA Music Awards Pre Party Show Audience & Talent Coordinating Country Music Television CMT Flame Worthy VMA Real People / Interview Country Music Television Pre Party Show CMT “Mabe In America” TV Pilot Audience & Talent Coordinating Country Music Television CMT “Super Bowl Saturday Night Special Talent Coordinating Country Music Television CMT “Spring Break Special – Real People Taillight TV Dream Vacation – TV Pilot PBS Audience & Talent Coordinating High Five Entertainment “Change Your Brain, Change Your Life” Ultimate Home II Pool Party Extras Country Music Television Best of CMT Most Wanted Live Extras Country Music Television CMT Summer Games Principals Country Music Television Gospel Music Channel Hosts Gospel Music Channel Faith Café (4X) Real People Life Springs Resources “The Logan Show” TV Pilot Reoccurring Characters, North Star Studio CMT “Back Stage At The Opry VJ Casting Country Music Television CMT “Most Wanted Live” TV Series VJ Casting Country Music Television CMT “Most Wanted Live” (Ran 3 yrs.) Staff – Audience Coord.Rather, I think the universal adulation of Flo is due to a far less traditional appeal she has–that of professional exuberance, and the pride of a job well done.Simply put, no one in the history of mankind–fictional or non-fictional–has ever loved her job as much as Flo loves selling auto insurance.

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