Updating lobs using oraclecommand and oracleparameter

It's very similar to the former procedure in the previous section.

The first example illustrates how to call an Oracle procedure passing input parameters and retrieving value by output parameters.

This chapter picks up where Chapter 8 leaves off, and here you see how to use the Oracle Command object to execute SQL statements and stored procedures on an Oracle 9i database.

In the first part of this chapter, you learn how to use the visual Oracle Command object to execute simple SQL DDL action queries on the target database.

Close() But I am getting error message on the line Execute non query.

Command Text = " SP_CHANGE_PASSWORD" P1 = my CMD.

Search for updating lobs using oraclecommand and oracleparameter:

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I had previously used an update in a stored procedure to surpass the 4k limit but that approach didn't work when having more than 32k characters, but this complemented my solution.

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